The Top rated Winery Tour In Napa Valley

Napa Valley which is considered to be the heart of international wineries is the destination of winery tours in California. When you are going on a winery tour for the first time, it is good that you take up the guidance from the tour companies that offer winery tours as a part or a complete package of the tour. The winery tour is not just enjoying a sip of the best wines, but it educates on the transformation of grapes to the most sophisticated form “Wine.” It will be a guaranteed experience of the Napa tours, which you become a pro in identifying the best wine.

Want to know the rank for the US in consuming wine? Have a glance at the newsletter published by Yes, US hold the highest consumer market for wines, when compared to the other nations. Does sipping the wine and enjoying is okay for you when you are a die-hard wine lover? You can learn how the wine you drink is processed from the plucking of grapes to the end product wine. Based on the frequently visited spots, here are the top five of the best winery tour in the Napa Valley.

Rank #1 – Cade Winery
Cade Winery at the Cade Estate upon Howell Mountain is ranked the first, winery destination. This young winery is the favorite hotspot for the locals for a short tasting trip with their friends. The lovely view from the mountain and the building architectures that gels with the natural environment makes it the most visited Winery exclusively for tasting. The cost for the tasting is $35 per person for an hour and for touring and tasting $60 person for 1.5 hours.

Rank#2 – Castello di Amoroso
The “must-see destination” for wine lovers situated on the hills of Napa Valley. This traditional winery has a wide area for the cultivation of the Italian grapes Merlot, Primitivo, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon which produces very intensive flavored wine. The duration of the tour is one hour and forty-five minutes, which includes sixty minutes of walking around the cultivation and the various parts of the winery and a well loved forty-five minutes tasting of the bets five wines. The overall cost for the tour is $40.00.

Rank#3 – The Chappellet
The Chappellet winery gives a unique approach by taking you on a train trip to its winery. You can also take a drive to the spot. Situated at the top St. Helena’s Pritchard Hill, it offers mind-blowing views from the winery. You can tour the winery, have great views from the hillside, can taste the special edition wines. The Train tour offers many special events during holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc. The cost of the tour ranges forms $35-$75 based on the season.

Rank #4 – The Failla Winery
This family owned winery is situated on the coast of Sonoma and is extremely the coolest and foggiest place that stands to be the heart of Pinot Noirs. The winery tour in Failla, includes a 45 minutes tasting of the finest wines, walking tour and the cave tour which costs $30.

Rank #5 – Hall Winery Rutherford
Are you a serious wine maniac? Then Hall Rutherford is the ultimate destination and is situated towards private road along the Auberge du Soleil resort. This winery is featured for producing very limited editions of wine. This tour consists of visiting the vineyards, production process, winemaking approach, tasting of thirteen wines and a cave tour. The tour duration is 90 minutes and costs $125 for the complete exploration of this winery.

Are you convinced in the top five winery tours in Napa Valley? Then why are you waiting? Block your calendar for the holidays and visit the top wineries of Napa.